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The average website emits 2,112 kg CO2 a year.1
BACKSPACE measures your website's emissions and helps reduce them, making your website greener, faster & better for your visitors.

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This estimation is based on a single page visit and some assumptions Learn moreEmissions are calculated through the data transferred during a visit. Since we don't know your sitemap and traffic per page, we only measure the exact URL address you provided and assume 75% new visitors and 25% returning visitors (to account for caching on returning visitors).

BACKSPACE accurately measures every single visit your website has down to the gram of CO2.

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If the internet were a country, it'd be the

7th most polluting1

In the past 10 years, websites have become 320% heavier — with the average page weighing 2MB2.

Although ever increasing internet speeds have made it unnoticeable to most visitors, there's a cost to that: the heavier the website, the higher its CO2 emissions.

As builders and lovers of this world wide web, we want to do better.

1 Source. 2 Source.
Bar graph showing the emissions of multiple countries

> How BACKSPACE works

We measure your emissions

Every single byte transferred on a visit generates CO2. BACKSPACE counts everything for every visit, down to the very last byte. And starting couldn't be simpler: just drop 2 lines of code on your website and you're done.

backspace.ecodocument22g CO2
normalize.cssstylesheet77g CO2
polyfill.min.jsscript95g CO2
keyboard-cat.gifimage129g CO2
jQuery.min.jsscript7g CO2
logo.pngimage50g CO2
Open Sansfont18g CO2
Never Gonna Give You Upmedia175g CO2
p-jamlogo.gifimage73g CO2
manifest.jsondocument78g CO2
twitter.icoimage104g CO2
analytics.jsscript61g CO2
Charlie Bit My Fingermedia176g CO2

And give you insights to help you reduce them

Our carbon analytics dashboard provides you with everything: from page insights that show where you have leaks, to strategies you can implement to reduce your emissions.

Preview of insights dashboard.

Optionally, you can remove what you can't reduce

The IPCC concluded that billions of tonnes of CO₂ a year need to be captured and buried for us to achieve our climate goals. BACKSPACE only uses high impact, certified carbon removal technologies that literally remove CO₂ emissions from the air, backed by people like Stripe, Shopify, Microsoft and more. We do not use cheap (and inneffective) carbon credits or offsets.

Difference between carbon removal and offsets.

Finally, raise awareness with your users

Your websites are used by hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of people—your choice will not only immediately make a positive change, but influence others to do the same.

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