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Yearly, the average website emits

2,112 kg CO2

That’s like driving from Portugal to South Korea. What does this mean on a global scale?

If the internet were a country, it’d be the

7th most polluting

As builders of things and lovers of this world wide web, we want to do better.

100,000 page views at 1.76g of CO2 each; 12,116 km in the average petrol car
World map showing distance between Portugal and South Korea

> How BACKSPACE works

We measure your emissions

Starting is simple: simply drop 2 lines of code on your website. Then, we tally how much data is transferred on every single visit and measure how many emissions your website produces.

backspace.ecodocument33g CO2
normalize.cssstylesheet51g CO2
polyfill.min.jsscript100g CO2
keyboard-cat.gifimage145g CO2
jQuery.min.jsscript77g CO2
logo.pngimage78g CO2
Open Sansfont69g CO2
Never Gonna Give You Upmedia184g CO2
p-jamlogo.gifimage144g CO2
manifest.jsondocument15g CO2
twitter.icoimage65g CO2
analytics.jsscript40g CO2
Charlie Bit My Fingermedia128g CO2

Remove them through carbon removal projects

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded in 2018 that billions of tonnes of CO₂ a year may need to be captured and buried. BACKSPACE only uses high impact, certified carbon removal technologies that literally remove CO₂ emissions from the air, backed by people like Stripe, Shopify, Microsoft and more. We do not use cheap (and inneffective) carbon credits or offsets.

Difference between carbon removal and offsets.
Climeworks logo

Currently, your CO₂ is being removed through Climeworks, who use renewable geothermal energy and waste heat to capture CO₂ directly from the air, concentrate it, and permanently sequester it underground in basaltic rock formations.

And provide insights to help reduce your emissions

Our goal is to help you reduce your emissions to a minimum, and remove what you can’t reduce. We provide everything from page insights to easy strategies you can immediately implement.

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Your websites are used by hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of people—your choice will not only immediately make a positive change, but influence others to do the same.

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